A Virtual Open House on Your Site 24/7

The admissions section of your website is the gateway to your school.
Thanks to WOWyou for Schools, you can be there ready to welcome them
and let them feel the warmth and the best your school has to offer.

The reason you have open houses is because you know that when people come to your school, they will  feel the essence and personality of your school and they will want to enroll. However, in today’s digital world, 80% of people are making a decision whether to call you or not, based on the words written on your admissions page.

As you saw by the brief demo when you landed on this page, thanks to our WOWyou for Schools interactive software, now you can do exactly that! You can have one of your students enthusiastically welcoming the visitors to your admission’s page 24/7.

What Parents Want

The second most important decision you will make as a parent — apart from deciding to have the kid in the first place — is deciding which school for them to enroll in. Make the right decision and you could put them on a path toward lifelong learning, a prestigious college education and a successful career.

One of the things that parents value most when selecting a school is how welcomed, happy and cared for their child will be. This is why WOWyou for Schools is such a powerful addition to your website. You will be able to start building trust and rapport as soon as they visit your website.


From The Parent’s Perspective…

  • They get a warm and friendly welcome to your website.

  • As one of your students welcomes them, they will be able to picture their own child and they will feel immediate rapport with your school.

  • They will be able to easily find the information they need.

  • Quickly schedule a tour of the school or shadow day for their child.

  • They will be able to better understand why your school would be a great choice for them.

From Your School’s Perspective

  • You will be able to convey the essence and personality of your school.

  • You will be able to direct parents to the information you want them to have.

  • You will get more leads from your website with actual contact information for easy follow-up.

  • Many of the follow-up tasks can be automated, freeing the time of your admissions staff.

  • This is easy to use, hands-free, cloud-based technology that does not require any changes to your current website.