This Is What Our Customers Say After They Start Using WOWvoice.

There is something very addictive about being able to make the phone ring on demand.
It is almost like being able to print money!

The phone is still the most powerful tool to generate new sales for your products or services. It is quick, it is personal and it immediately starts a conversation that can lead to a sale. However, the phone has many drawbacks:

  • People Hate Making Cold Calls.

  • Making Calls Is Very Time Consuming.

  • Hiring a Telemarketing Firm to Make Calls is Expensive.

  • The Majority of People Will Say No or Hangup Before They Hear Your Offer.

  • 98% of Your Calls Will Go Directly Into Voicemail.

  • Get Past the Gate Keeper with Your Actual Message/Offer.

  • Continuously and Effortlessly Fill Your Pipeline with Self-Qualified Prospects.

WOWvoice Gives You All the Power of the Phone Without Any of the Drawbacks!

WOWvoice is a Breakthrough Direct Response Technology That is Less Expensive Than Direct Mail Yet 5x More Powerful!

At the touch of a button our WOWvoice technology delivers your perfect message or offer directly to the voicemail of thousands of previous customers/patients or prospects without ever ringing their phone!

This is the easiest, most cost effective and non-intrusive way to personally contact all the people who could be interested in your products or services while offering them an incentive to select you.

WOWvoice is patented brand-new technology that allows us to create a server-to-server connection that puts your message directly into the voicemail box without actually making a phone call.  The result is that the recipients actually believe they missed a personal phone call from you. They listen to their voicemail message (the voicemail message listening rate is 96%) and those who are interested will call you back. So now you are speaking to self-qualified, interested prospects that want to know more about or that are ready to buy your product or service.


Thanks to WOWvoice, getting your phone to ring with viable prospects
is now easy, cost effective, fast and can be done on demand!

It is Time to Get Your Phones Ringing on Demand!

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