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Which Means Your Potential Patients Are First Meeting You Online!

Does the first impression you give a potential patient matter to you?

When you meet someone for the first time, you certainly shake their hand, make eye contact and smile warmly. You’ve probably even taken steps to make sure the first impressions given by your receptionist, front lobby and nursing staff are all professional and inviting.

When it comes to patient conversion, the first impression patients get from your website could be the most important. Numerous studies confirm the increasing amount of research patients do online before picking up the phone, let alone making an appointment. If you don’t make a good memorable first impression with your website, you will probably never get a chance to make a good impression in person.

Your dental website is your online opportunity to get found, showcase your services and engage with those  searching for a dentist online. average web users spends less than a few seconds on a site before they decide to stay or leave. This is a very short time window, in which you need to convince them to stay.

“We Already Met…Online!”

Whether you like it or not, your potential new patients are first meeting you online.  It is an unavoidable fact of our modern digital lives. For you, this means either a huge problem or an amazing opportunity. On the problem side, if your website makes a bad first impression, the prospect will leave and you will never even know you had a potential new patient.

On the opportunity side, adding our Virtual Interactive software to your website will make a professional and powerful impression on your potential new patients. Thanks to the immediate rapport and trust that the virtual interactive videos create, you will start getting a steady flow of new patients from your website.

Adding a virtual interactive video to your website allows you to speak directly to the visitors of your site making them feel welcome and comfortable. New patients want to feel that you truly care about their oral health and that their experience will be personalized and of the highest quality. Written words on a page could never convey how much you care the way a video, of  YOU, can.

As you speak directly to them via the virtual videos, you instantly build trust and rapport. You create an inviting a secure atmosphere that encourages them to make an appointment with you and not your competitor. You are “virtually” on your website welcoming your potential new patients 24/7.

Our Interactive Software, Virtually, Guarantees New Patients Will Select You!

The true power of our virtual funnels is your very own passion. There is no one that can better convey how much you care about your patients than you. There is no better way to do it than through video that speaks directly to them. The series of videos (funnels) will encourage potential new patients to make an appointment. It will also prompt them to leave their contact information for easy follow-up.

Get Current Patients Interested in New Services

The interactive virtual software will increase your practice’s revenues by bringing a stream of new patients. However, they also add to your bottom line by encouraging current patients to try new services. For example, a virtual video where you explain a particular cosmetic procedure and its benefits, will get your current patients interested. Help your patients benefit from the services you offer by using the virtual interactive videos.

Welcome to WOWforDentists
Virtual Interactive Software
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Virtual Interactive Videos Super Charge Your Website:

  • Builds Immediate Trust and Rapport.

  • Allows You to Personally Welcome Visitors to Your Website.

  • Lets Prospective New Patients Meet You 24/7.

  • Reduces the Uncertainty and Stress of Finding a New Dentist.

  • Captures Your Visitors Information for Easy Follow-up.

Getting Started with
WOWforDentists- Virtual Interactive Software
is Fast and Easy!

Whether You Have a Brand New Website or an Outdated One

Our Virtual Interactive Software Will Get You More New Patients 

  • The WOWforDentist software is cloud based, which means that you don’t need to make any changes to your current website to benefit from its power.
  • Our software will immediately start increasing the number of new patients you are getting from your website.
  • The process could not be simpler. We take care of everything including the videos.
  • We will only need about 1 hour of your time to actually film the videos.

In the current highly competitive and tight economic environment, the success of your dental, orthodontic or specialty practice depends on your ability to get found and chosen by new patients.

Remember, your dental website must make a professional, powerful and notable first impression to get your phone to ring.

Nothing can show how warm, caring and friendly your practice is better than YOU can through our Virtual Interactive Software.

Get A Constant Flow of New Patients
From Your Current Website!


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